Most marketers are good at measuring opens and clicks of their campaigns. Not enough marketers are tracking the financial performance measures that are the real purpose of their marketing.

What is the outcome you’re trying to deliver? Chances are it’s something your CEO cares greatly about – revenue.

CEOs care about revenue generation and so should marketers.

Tools to track financial performance measures of your marketing campaigns


1Web Analytics tools

Most people only use tools like Google Analytics or Omniture to track page visits and traffic sources. However, with a little effort you can connect your online display or pay per click advertising to track not only how many prospects were driven to the site by the ads, but also what they did on your site. Take it a step further and connect your shopping cart on the back end. It will give you a full picture of financial performance of your marketing spend.


2 Marketing Segmentation tools

Platforms like HubSpot have traditionally helped with building traffic, generating leads, and lead nurturing email to engage and convert leads into opportunities. With the release of their new HubSpot3 platform, the tools just got a lot better. Instead of treating all prospects the same, marketers can use their Workflow tool to segment prospects based on buyer behavior. This includes the ability to customize lead scoring on a number of factors like title, industry, visits, downloads, etc. This means marketers can more easily identify which leads are the best potential buyers. All prospects are not equal, now you don’t have to treat them that way.


3 Integrated CRM tools

A lead, even a qualified lead is not the end of the marketing campaign. To really track success and get to the financial performance measures your CEO is looking for, you need to start integrating your marketing analytics with the sales team’s CRM tools. Look at how you can break the traditional sales funnel and integrate both sales and marketing touches throughout the process.

The end result will be a higher performing program, increased revenues, and oh, just maybe a smile on your CEO’s face.