Your website should be the hub of your online lead generation and the best avenue for you to attract and engage new potential buyers. However, for many companies their website is at best a signpost and at worst just an extension of their brochure.

The good news is with only a few tweaks you can start moving your site from a static brochure-ware to dynamic online lead generation machine.

1 Remember your home page is likely NOT their entry point

Blogging is one of a company’s best tactics for drawing more visitors to their site.

“Companies that blog regularly have 55% more website visitors over those that don’t.” – Source HubSpot

The more a company blogs, the higher the likelihood that the first interaction your buyer has with you isn’t the home page, but instead one of your blog posts. Your home page still matters but it’s more likely to be the entry point for people who already know who you are.

This means you need to think about your blog articles not just for their thought leadership value but also for their ability to get the reader to raise their hand and ask for more. This means that EVERY blog you write needs to be paired with a relevant Call-To-Action for the reader after they’ve finished with the article.

2 SEO isn’t just about keywords

Yes, optimization is very important to make it easy for search engines to find and index your pages. What gets lost in this pursuit of the perfect SEO is why your buyer would be interested in the first place.

Write for humans and about problems and solutions they need or want. Write about how can they find a new, better, more efficient way to solve their challenge and you will attract the very visitor you are seeking. If in writing for your buyer the perfect keyword usage doesn’t fit, move on and don’t worry about it. Quality content always matters more.

3 Offer value to get value from your online lead generation

Most marketers understand there’s no If you build it, they will come – Field of Dreams for your site to attract visitors. It’s also important to understand that just getting traffic to your site isn’t enough. You need to make it easy and more important desirable for your visitor to engage with your content if you’re going to be successful with your online lead generation.

The simplest way to do this is by offering them value in exchange for completing a form on your site. This is where quality downloadable premium content makes all the difference. Items like an eBook, checklist, white paper, etc. will help your visitor engage.

Offer something of value and you will get value in return.