Social Media is not a fad; we’re way past that stage. Social Media is also not a silver bullet. So how should businesses be using it to generate targeted website traffic and drive results?


In a survey by McKinsey Global Institute, 63% of companies using social media say it has increased marketing effectiveness among other benefits.


Increasing Effectiveness of Marketing & Targeted Website Traffic


Businesses taking a disciplined approach to Social Media are finding a powerful tool to drive more targeted website traffic


The first step is to realize there is no magic to Social Media. I did a quick search on Google for the following terms and found.

  • 8.2 Million results for Social Media Rock Stars
  • 11.7 Million results for Social Media Gurus
  • 22.3 Million results for Social Media Ninjas

I’m a fan of martial arts movies, but can’t believe there are that many sensei in the entire universe.


So let’s skip the endless hype that surrounds Social Media and get down to business with a few practical tips to using social media to drive more targeted website traffic to your site.


1 Set your goals based on outcomes

When you start with the end in mind, you will naturally make better decisions about how and where to spend your efforts and budget. Set goals for the steps along the way you will need to achieve to ultimately deliver the bottom-line result.


2 Be where your customers are

Sounds obvious, but with any fast moving trend it’s always tempting to jump to the next platform that makes a splash. Think very carefully, who is your buyer and where are you more likely to find them. Remember, the goal is targeted website traffic, every platform isn’t right for every brand, pay attention to which one is right for yours.


3 Build slowly

Social Media’s low costs make it attractive to many SMB, but it is a big time investment it you’re going to do it right. You’re much better off taking a go-slow approach on which platforms you are going to manage. Master one before moving onto the next.


4 To engage your buyer, be interesting

The last thing your potential buyer wants to read in their news feed is a daily BUY NOW, 30% OFF message from you. You have to build a following by providing interesting useful information for them. Do this well, and you will earn the right to sprinkle in your sales message.


5 Create a schedule and stick to it

For Social Media to pay off and help deliver the targeted website traffic you’re looking for you need to establish a schedule and stick to it. There’s nothing sadder than clicking on a company’s profile and seeing it hasn’t been updated in six months. Building and maintaining a following takes consistent tending, like you would a garden.