No longer about digging for minerals, prospecting in the digital age calls on sales leaders to find and develop prospective customers to buy a company’s unique products or services. The most efficient prospecting techniques now involve inbound marketing. Your business should focus on building a website that allows customers to come to you through SEO. After reading the strategies below, prospecting in the digital age will be something you can bring to your company for real sales gains.


Improve the search process for customers, make your website easy to find and improve your prospecting in the digital age


By the time a customer contacts a company, they have already completed most of the decision-making process. 61% of global Internet users research products online, and Google sites lead all competition with a 65% share of search queries. This data, provided by comScore, proves that ranking highly on Google searches is an indicator of success. If a customer enters a query and finds your website within the first page of search results, then you have successfully optimized your website for prospecting in the digital age.


Optimize your website to appear higher in Google search results


You can improve the conditions that your site will appear with a few good SEO practices. The chances that your website will be crawled is positively correlated with the generation of keyword-rich content and the creation of extra pages on the website. Think about keywords that are unique and accurately describe your products/services. You can succeed with specific keywords and improve your ranking by supporting them with good web content.

In a 2011 study, Hubspot revealed that businesses blogging > 20 times monthly get five times more traffic than those who blog < 4 times monthly. Blogging allows Internet users to share content and give your website more inbound links. With greater inbound links, your business will become more competitive in search engine rankings and generate more leads.