A better internet marketing plan using inbound marketing principles

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What do you need to build a better internet marketing plan? There are a number of tactics you can use to build your plan, but more and more, brands are finding better outcomes using inbound marketing principles. Inbound marketing focuses on how best to pull more traffic to your website, generating more leads from that traffic, and nurture those leads to convert more into sales for your business.

So what inbound marketing strategies should you build into your internet marketing plan?

A better internet marketing plan using inbound marketing principles

5 disciplines to improve your internet marketing plan


[dropcaps type=’circle’ color=’#ffffff’ background_color=’#00adef’ border_color=”]1[/dropcaps] Establish a strategy

Before launching any internet marketing plan, think carefully about your audience, your brand, and which tactics will be more likely to reach and impact your buyer.

Audience: Understand your buyer holistically. What are their motivations, needs, wants, and challenges? With this knowledge, you have a greater likelihood of making an impact.

Brand: What messaging will connect with your audience? Now that you understand their needs, address these with messaging of how you can help.

Tactics: Your buyers aren’t waiting for your call. They’re searching for solutions; how can you help them find this solution and impact the evaluation process?

[dropcaps type=’circle’ color=’#ffffff’ background_color=’#00adef’ border_color=”]2[/dropcaps] Pull in more traffic to your website

To build more traffic you need a couple of things in place: a way to let your buyer know your site is there and a reason they should come.

Search Marketing & SEO: You have to make it easy to be found. Is your site optimized for search engines? Are you doing something to be visible when your buyer is searching?

Blogging: Build for search, write for humans. Blogging is one of the top tactics for businesses to impact search and demonstrate their knowledge and expertise to buyers.

Social Media: Today there are equal amounts of hype and skepticism around using social media for business. Taking a practical outcomes based approach will yield better results.

[dropcaps type=’circle’ color=’#ffffff’ background_color=’#00adef’ border_color=”]3[/dropcaps] Generate more leads from the site visits

Getting more traffic to your site is a good start. However, if you’re looking to grow your business, you need more buyers to engage with your site and content.

Website optimization: Central to your internet marketing plan should be your website. Treat it like the hub of all your activities.

Landing pages: If you could do only one thing to drastically improve your internet marketing plan, it would be to develop more effective landing pages on your website.

Content marketing: Define the need, point to a solution. Premium content behind a landing page that helps your buyer solve their challenges will result in more and better quality leads.

[dropcaps type=’circle’ color=’#ffffff’ background_color=’#00adef’ border_color=”]4[/dropcaps] Impact the buying decision with lead nurturing

Buyers work through a series of decisions before making a purchase they identify a need, research solutions, search for providers, evaluation of alternatives, and finally purchase.

Offer Testing: Build engagement with targeted content. Map and match offers to test for each stage that will move your buyer and increase your sales conversion.

Email Marketing: Staying top of mind with periodic email campaigns is a perfect approach to move potential buyers through the buying cycle more efficiently.

CRM Integration: Working with your current process and sales funnel is critical for effective lead nurturing that delivers more business.

[dropcaps type=’circle’ color=’#ffffff’ background_color=’#00adef’ border_color=”]5[/dropcaps] Measure, learn and improve with marketing analytics

If you don’t measure it, it’s just a hobby. Pay close attention to how your plan is working and adjust where needed.

Web Analytics: Measure what matters and nothing more. One of the biggest changes with web analytics is picking the right information to track and not getting lost in paralysis by analysis.

A/B Testing: Test early and often. Every internet marketing plan should include an extensive testing schedule. The first lesson to learn is there is much we don’t know. Test, don’t assume.

Campaign Tracking: Look at the entire campaign with all executions and tactics included. Be careful not to silo any activity, the buyer sees you as one company.