Business leads are vital to growing a company, but sales departments often have many other important tasks in addition to nurturing those leads. Using automated marketing tools can assist sales people to successfully develop and nurture clients, and ultimately lead to closed sales.

Using marketing automation to manage your business leads

Marketing automation tools are comprised of specialty software designed expressly for a client that can be used by the marketing and sales department. This software can nurture potential and current customers through their purchase decision, and guide them through the sales funnel.

We use HubSpot for our marketing automation and like how it provides an fully integrated set of tools for managing our traffic building, social media, lead generation, nurturing, sales integration and analytics. However there are certainly other good options in the market place including Marketo, Pardot, Act-On to name just a few.

How Marketing Automation Works

Using Marketing Automation to Improve Business LeadsThese tools can track the entire customer engagement from their site visits, downloads, specific page views, social media engagement and more. Information like this can assist sales teams in understanding where are the buyers interests and what they are looking to learn more about.

Context is King

Marketing automation integration is best when customized by utilizing criteria set forth by the company that identifies the needs of their different customer segments. Using this information, it is then possible to deliver tailored content including in some cases customized website pages that speak specifically to these buyers’ interests and needs.

Turning Eyeballs into Conversations

Your business leads can then be moved through the sales funnel to achieve the ultimate goal of acquiring a new customer. These timesaving marketing automation tools can track prospective customers, rank them based on their previous interactions and feed them important information including offers that are specific to their interest and needs to convert more into a sales conversation. Best of all, using this type of system is efficient and streamlined, timed so no one forgets to hit the send button.